Top 10 Angela Lansbury Famous Quotes

By | October 16, 2016

Angela Lansbury Famous Quotes : Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury, (born 16 October 1925) is a British-American actress and singer who has appeared in theatre, television, and films. On her 90th birthday of Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury, here are some famous quotes from her. These are some amazing quotes form Angela Lansbury will inspire your life.

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Angela Lansbury famous quotes

Angela Lansbury

Angela Lansbury Famous Quotes

“Better to be busy than to be busy worrying.”

“The purpose of etiquette is to provide an easy set of rules which we can follow when we are in a hurry and want to make sure that we do not give offence to anybody.”

“Here I am, I still go on, you know, like the tides.”

“Actors are not made, they are born.”

“People say to me: ‘Well, how can you play Jessica Fletcher and then you come along and play Madame Arcati?’ I say: ‘It’s all about imagination.’ That’s what acting is, is imagination. If you don’t have imagination, you’re not going to want to play different roles. I’ve always wanted to attack roles that didn’t appear to be something I’d ever done before.”

“Providing I can put one foot in front of the other, I will continue to act.”

“It has been erroneously reported that I am a Republican! I am not a Republican. It’s all over the Internet and It’s bizarre. I’m a huge Obama fan. I’ve already voted for him by absentee ballot. I am Democrat from the ground up.”

“The purpose of etiquette is to provide an easy set of rules which we can follow when we are in a hurry and want to make sure that we do not give offense to anybody.”

“I rest, I take a nap, I don’t eat stupidly, I take care of the bod and that’s very, very important when you get to a certain age. I’m the bionic woman; I’ve got knees, hips, everything is new and that has made a tremendous difference to me; replacements are high on my list of goodies.”

“I honestly consider that the greatest gift to me, is the reaction that I get from my work. That is a given which I never, ever take for granted. But to be given that by audiences, individuals, on the street, in the theater, is an extraordinary feeling.”

“I absolutely do not have a retirement age… I’m only 87 – which today is nothing. It’s just like 60 a few years back. I believe age should not stop you from keeping on.”

“The Manchurian Candidate was the most important movie I was in, let’s face it.”

“I’ve worked with the greatest actors, and they’re all gone. This is what’s so desperate to me.”

“I think of myself as a journeyman actress. I will attempt almost anything that I think that I can bring off. It could be almost anything.”

“I got nominated for an Academy Award. Isn’t that ridiculous? I mean, at the age of 18!”

“Im in a very enviable position, being able to work like this 45 years later. Its always beginning! I never have a sense of finishing up, just new things beginning. When I die, they are going to carry me off a stage.”

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