Valentine’s Day Wishes For Ex Gf Bf

By | February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day Wishes For Ex Gf Bf : It’s 14th February, we know everyone has their past. Some luckily move on from it but some are sadly in the wrong faith for love from ex. We know you are looking for message for ex girlfriend quotes so that you can get her/his back. For who move on from the last affair goodbye message to ex girlfriend. Sweet quotes with text messages to send to your ex girlfriend wishing them a very happy valentines day. Some of my friend are looking for quotes for ex girlfriend to get her back, we know your pain. We will surely help you in getting him/her back to love you again.

Here are some heart touching quotes to tell your ex girlfriend that your heart beats for her/him only. She/He the only person in your life whom you think everything. Here we provide you message for ex girlfriend tagalog and message for ex girlfriend quotes. You can send these quotes and messages to them on facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc.

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Here are some text messages to send to your ex girlfriend, without ignorance of her. She definitely reply you back after reading amazing wishes messages for 14th Feb. Some girl’s are crazy for their bf whether they cheated her or not. Many relationship have different problems but we are here some message for ex boyfriend quotes you can send them these messages for ex boyfriend to get him back.

valentines day wishes for ex

Valentine’s Day Wishes For Ex Gf Bf

“The love I feel for you will not fade easily from one moment to another, the best way to show you that I really want the best for you is wanting you to be happy, either with me or with another person, that it may go well with the one who gain your love.”

“It has been some time since we take the decision to separate and yet today is hard for me to assimilate that I have to stop loving you. The relationship ended up and perhaps it’s the best for us, I really hope you’re happy, and I hope you find someone who values your love.”

Quotes To Tell Your Ex Girlfriend

“You took the decision to end our thing and I did not say a thing because I did not want to complicate the situation, but after several months I have not been able to stop loving you and I can only wish you to be happy with a guy who loves you a lot because you deserve it.”

i love you messages for ex for 14 Feb valentine's day wishes for ex

Text messages to send to your ex girlfriend

Maybe we were not meant for each other, but I will always remember the beautiful days I spent with you. While it lasted, I felt the luckiest guy and still cannot assume that our relationship is over, even though I can’t let pass the opportunity to wish you a successful love life.”

“The passing months have helped me to assimilate the end of our romance, but every time I see you I got excited. I have been told about your new boyfriend and I wanted you to know that I wish you the best.”

“Our relationship meant a lot in my life, so I’m not able to think of someone else and give my love. Feel free to decide what you will do with your life and if you think you’re ready to start a new romance I can only wish much happiness.”

Quotes for ex boyfriend you still love

“I will always remember the relationship we had and that was very special to me. I understand that there is no reason to be together again since you do not feel the same for me. Be sure that someone else will conquer your love, so I can only wish you the best.”

“The way you ended up our relationship caused me a lot of pain, but at least you were honest. I know you change me for other guy, even though I don’t keep grudges. I wish you much happiness and hope you’ve chosen well.”

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